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NO FILM SCHOOL, “The Best Advice from This Year's Sundance Filmmakers”

by Jo Light

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A new class of Sundance filmmakers gives us their best tips!

Besides being an amazing way to start the year with new and exciting films, Sundance Film Festival is always an amazing opportunity for filmmakers and creators to gather and share their love of the craft. And at No Film School, we want to learn from our colleagues about ways to break in, how to get inspired, how to overcome challenges, and any other behind-the-scenes secrets that could one day help other filmmakers make it to Sundance.

So we spoke with dozens of this year's filmmakers to get their best advice. Some of it is inspirational, some of it is philosophical, some is about collaboration—and some is just plain practical. Like, "Don't drink too much."

There is a ton of advice below, so enjoy! Let us know what you learn in the comments.


PJ Lopez, SPC, DP, La Pecera (The Fishbowl)

"Concentrate and follow your instincts and always give your 100% effort."


Glorimar Marrero-Sánchez, director/writer/producer, La Pecera (The Fishbowl)

"For those whose desire is to pursue a path as an independent filmmaker, I advise them to dedicate time and introspection to truly find the story you want to tell. Be aware that this is not an easy road so you have to really be connected to your story. I strongly recommend that you invest time and concentration in your development stage to work on the story, the cinematographic language that you want to work with, and to find resources to build your creative team that will help you create your film. You need to believe in your story in order to create a team that you can rely on. Also, allow yourself to make mistakes because it is a key for the learning process. Discipline, hard work, and concentration can take you to an amazing world of possibilities."


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