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DISAPPOINTMENT MEDIA, “Sundance 2023: Cinematic Celebrations” by Sean Boelman

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by Sean Boelman

The Sundance Film Festival kicks off the year of independent cinema as a breeding ground for some of the most exciting films from around the world. Even before festival-goers began to convene upon the mountains in Park City, distribution deals were in the works for the movies that are going to be the next big thing. The most exciting part of attending a festival like Sundance is getting the opportunity to discover these indie gems.

We at disappointment media are covering the 2023 Sundance Film Festival remotely again, and we will be reporting on what we think may be the gems to look out for — many of which are accessible from your own home. (We will note if a film is not available for online viewing.) Be sure to check back in on this article, as we will be updating it with more brief thoughts as we continue to see more films!


Glorimar Marrero Sanchez’s La Pecera (The Fishbowl) is a compelling character study, but it is held back by trying to do too much. Following a woman who decides to return to her hometown in Puerto Rico after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, the first act is a relatively standard — if mostly effective — cancer drama. Unfortunately, the remainder of the film introduces some themes that are disappointingly underdeveloped, leaving the end product feeling overstuffed and shallow.

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